The 7 Best Sports To Prevent The Appearance Of Varicose Veins

The 7 Best Sports To Prevent The Appearance Of Varicose Veins

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There are some sports that can be very interesting to prevent the appearance of any type of ailment or circulatory problem as well as to treat varicose veins. These are sports exercises and modalities that favor and favor venous return. Below are the most important activities, such as cycling or swimming, for example, although there are also many other activities that are really beneficial for the health of the heart and the circulation of any person.

The swimming
A very interesting sport to make blood flow efficiently through the circulatory system and therefore ideal to prevent the appearance of varicose veins is swimming. It is a perfect sport because there are no impacts on hard surfaces, which could be harmful to varicose veins, but a good cardiovascular work is done, which undoubtedly is a very advisable activity to exercise circulation and therefore, from prevention until it manages varicose veins if they have already appeared.

While running is somewhat more contraindicated and can be detrimental to different cases or circulatory conditions of the legs, since it requires fairly continuous jumps and heavier movements for the legs and very abrupt in most cases, walking is an exercise that improves the circulation and stimulates it and therefore serves to mobilize the blood that usually accumulates in the thighs as well as in the calves or soles of the foot. A walk of 40 to 60 minutes a day will be a perfect option to stimulate circulation and prevent varicose veins.

The golf
Although many people think otherwise because they spend a lot of time on their feet and therefore believe that it could lead to circulatory problems, golf is certainly a beneficial sport for cardiovascular health because without realizing it, the person who practices it is walking much while it is entertaining, with what it manages to stimulate the circulation to a great extent while having a good time and enjoying a fun and different sport in good company.

Bicycle sports
The bicycle is also a great friend and ally to finish or prevent varicose veins, as they advise us from As long as there is no descent or any cyclist that involves many blows or strong impacts on the legs, cycling sports such as cycling, spinning or mountain biking are undoubtedly a great alternative to prevent varicose veins as they will stimulate the circulation, not only of the legs, but of the whole body, thus managing to fight against heart or circulatory problems.

The aquagym
In addition to traditional swimming, the aquagym, a gymnastics that takes place in the water, is undoubtedly a great option to invigorate the heart and optimize the work of the circulatory system which will also be perfect because the water will cushion the blows that outside it could be excessive for legs with varicose veins With this sport you will be able to prevent varicose veins while toning your entire body and getting fit.

The Yoga
Without a doubt, yoga is a beneficial sport discipline for a large number of circulatory problems and varicose veins are one of them. Practicing this sport will reduce the appearance of these types of problems, as well as minimize symptoms when varicose veins have already appeared. It will be very interesting to apply massage in the affected areas, in a light but constant way.

The pilates
This sport is very beneficial for circulation because many exercises are performed in which the legs are placed upwards, as well as many in which contractions are made with which the veins are made to work actively and reactivates muscle tone , getting to strengthen the body and oxygenate it efficiently.


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